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Installation advice

Before installing, please take a few minutes to read this handbook. Keep it in a sure place and easily reachable for future references. This appliance must be installed by a certified qualified technician in accordance with the instructions contained in the owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer and in compliance with the applicable local and national installation standards also with the effect building code.

Contact an official inspector (ex: a fireman) or your insurance company for installation permit. Always respect the provincial and municipal building codes of your region.



wood Fireplace


  • During the first hours of operation, you must heat it gradually. In order to allow an appropriate cooking of the paint and in order to facilitate its adhesion with metal, do not heat the appliance with a strong fire. It will also avoid thermal shock which could lift up the paint or make it whiten. Make sure that the room is ventilated enough in order to eliminate the odors and the smoke coming from the paint during the first hours of utilization. It is normal that a light smoke is released from the paint during the first hours of use. Even if this nuisance is temporary, open the windows and the doors in order to ensure good ventilation.
  • Only use approved chimneys of the same dimensions as the appliance exit. When possible, it is preferable to avoid an outside chimney or built on an exterior wall, and this is even more important for colder areas. A tall and warm chimney will produce a good draft.
  • Opt to install your chimney straight up and avoid 90 degree turns in the flue pipe and offsets in the chimney.
  • To reduce the risk of smoke spillage into the room upon reloading your stove, leave the primary air intake completely open for a few minutes. This will heat up the chimney and build up draft before you open the stove door.
  • Burn only dry cord wood.



During the first fire, an odor caused by paint curing will be released. When you first use the fireplace, it is suggested to let it operate for several hours before turning on the fans (if you fireplace is equipped with fans). This will ensure proper curing of the paint. It could make your home’s smoke alarm go off. Open windows to ventilate the room.


During the first few uses, a white film may appear on the windows as a result of the elimination of some paint particles. It is recommended to clean the windows after the unit has cooled, otherwise the white film becomes difficult to remove. Use a non-abrasive cleaner.

gas fireplace


Your fireplace may make cracking sounds when operating. They are caused by the thermal expansion of the various metal components that make up your fireplace. These sounds are not the sign of a defect and do not affect the durability of your fireplace.


To adjust the flame height on your device, use the remote control supplied with your device. You can choose between 6 different levels flames.


To make it easier to maintain its appliances, J. A. ROBY created the SmartCaseTM, a cartridge that contains everything required for turning the fireplace on and controlling it. This cartridge contains everything required for turning the fireplace on and controlling it, including: the flexible hose, the data sheet, the Proflamme 2 control panel, the motor and valve, the pilot, the on/off switch, the air/gas premix box, the battery box and the nozzle. A fast and easy method for a smooth running fireplace!


If a component of the If a component of the SmartCaseTM is broken, it is strongly recommended to completely remove the SmartCaseTM for easier handling. For more complex problems, simply replace the SmartCaseTM by a new one. Open the door and remove the burner, disconnect the SmartCaseTM plug located on the electrical box made of two power outlets; on the left of the SmartCaseTM. Close the manual gas valve, unscrew the gas intake pipe from the SmartCaseTM Unscrew the four screws from the SmartCaseTM. Then carefully remove the SmartCaseTM from the fireplace. We recommend that our gas fireplaces products be installed and serviced by professionnals who are certified in the U. S. by the National Fireplace Institute® (NFI) as NFI Woodburning Specialists or who are certified in Canada by Wood Energy Technical Training (WETT).


To open or close manual valve, pull the little access panel at the base of the stove and turn the knob to the required position.


To turn off the fireplace, simply press the ON/OFF button of the remote control or put the wall switch in the OFF position if your fireplace is not equipped with a remote control. You will hear a beep: it means the fireplace received the signal. If you do not hear a beep and the fireplace does not turn off, refer to the troubleshooting guide (section 10).


Fans are used to circulate the heat from the fireplace in the room. They are sold by two at your retailer’s (optional). Fans are installed in the lower part of the fireplace. They must be fixed to the fasteners located at the bottom of the fireplace using screws and oriented toward the recessed sides of the fireplace. To do this, remove the SmartCaseTM and place the fans as well as the thermo-disc.

Care tips

Taking care of your J. A. ROBY fireplace will protect it and ensure a beautiful fire for a very long time. Review these J. A. ROBY practical tips to ensure maximum clean burning performance of your J. A. ROBY fireplace for years to come.


Empty the ashes wood fireplace

Empty the ashes

Many of our woodstove are provided with an ashtray under the door. To empty the appliance, you have to remove the cap made of cast iron (in the center of the appliance) and to glide the ashes into the ashtray. Do not forget to replace the cap. Never start a fire if the cap and ash drawer are not in place.

Loading doors - wood fireplace

Loading doors

Do not allow ashes to build up to the loading doors. Only remove ashes when the fire has died down. Even then, expect to find a few hot embers.

Glasses cleaning - wood fireplace

Glasses cleaning

To clean the glasses, J. A. ROBY Inc. recommends the use of products sold for this purpose or an oven cleaner. Avoid cleaning with abrasives or when the glass is hot.

firebricks - wood fireplace


The firebricks are brittle and can be damaged if the cap is replaced carelessly or pieces that are too large are forced through the hole.

open the air intakes - wood fireplace

Open the air intakes

To prevent creosote buildup inside the chimney, we recommend to fully open the air intakes and maintain a high heat for 10 to 20 minutes a day.

 accumulation of creosote - wood fireplace

Accumulation of creosote

Verify the accumulation of creosote every week that you use the appliance until you know at which frequency it must be cleaned (minimum once per year).


Vérification annuelle des foyers au gaz

Annual Inspection

You should have a qualified technician inspect this fireplace every year. Make a habit of having your gas fireplaces inspected once a year.

Refroidissement avant l'entretien

Let it cool before servicing

Turn the fireplace off and let it cool before servicing or repairing it. Installation or repair of the fireplace must be performed by a qualified technician only. Have the burner inspected every year.

Inspection du Systeme évacuation de votre foyer au gaz

Exhaust system

Have the exhaust system and the fireplace inspected by a qualified technician every year before the heating season begins. Always make sure the unit is working properly after every maintenance operation.

Remplacement des vitres de votre foyers au gaz

Glass door

If the glass door have to be replaced, we suggest to call a qualified technician to do it.

L'important de la propreté des bruleurs de votre foyer au gaz

Fireplace Cleanliness

Always keep the control boxes and burner clean. Turn off the gas supply before cleaning the fireplace.

Gaz naturel et propane

Natural & propane gas

This unit is equipped to run on natural or propane gas. Conversion must be made by a qualified technician.

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