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The company was founded in 1975.  At the time it was named «Robitaille et Fils fer ornemental» and was specialized in crafting fireplace doors, staircases, bannisters and other metal products.  In 1976, Alain Robitaille joined the company as co-owner with the idea to create an outdoor fireplace.  This initiative was the catalyst to the change of orientation of the company.

In the early 1980s, the company’s first wood burning stove was made and the company would henceforth be called J. A. ROBY INC.  In the following years, an important oil crisis began in North America and a strong demand for wood burning heating appliances was felt for several consecutive years, which helped J. A. ROBY INC. take its place in the controlled combustion wood stove market.

For many years now, the company has been mindful of the environment and greenhouse gases.  J. A. ROBY INC. has committed itself to improve its products by using the latest technologies to modernize the combustion of its appliances to make them ecological and clean.  Thanks to original concepts, top-of-the-line techniques, an outstanding customer support and a complete warranty, J. A. ROBY INC. now has a solid reputation in the market. We also design furnaces, wood cook stoves, gas fireplaces and round-the-clock,completely autonomous oil stoves.

J. A. ROBY’s commitment to offer quality products and an exceptional service are integral parts of our policies and represent the core of our company in order to insure the satisfaction of our customers.


J. A. ROBY INC is a company that has existed for 45 years and has been creating heating appliances since 1975.  Our company’s mission is to offer top quality products that comply with the strictest environment and security standards and with the vast experience of our team, we constantly work to improve the performance of our products

What we offer you

J. A. ROBY Usine
For J. A. ROBY, there is no possible compromise when designing a safe and efficient heating system. It’s the reason why we only use the highest quality materials in order to offer the best of what’s in the market.

The wide range of our appliances offers you a combination of warmth, comfort and security while insuring durability and a design that defies time.  We offer wood burning stoves, cook stoves and furnaces, oil stoves and ethanol and gas fireplaces.  We also offer outdoor wood burning fireplaces for the outdoor enthusiast. So whether to heat up your home or simply for some backup heating, we have a model designed for your needs.  Those who already know our products can attest to the efficiency and durability of our appliances and will not hesitate to buy from us again.

J. A. ROBY, products that defy time!